every volunteer
can help families build strength, stability and independence

“Not everything that counts can be counted. And not everything that can be counted, counts.” — Albert Einstein

Volunteering is about giving, contributing and helping other individuals and the community. Volunteering means working with others to make a meaningful contribution to a better community.

The value of volunteering cannot only be measured using monetary metrics but the value of our Habitat volunteers runs much deeper than just monetarily. How can we put a monetary value on ordinary people doing extraordinary things here on the Sunshine Coast.

Everyone volunteers for difference reasons. Some people volunteer to expand their networks, work alongside others to gain experience, some to expand their profile but when polling the volunteers at Habitat 95% volunteer to help others, in particular families who are loving on the edge of poverty gain access to their forever homes.

Habitat for Humanity Sunshine Coast was started by volunteers and continues to be lead be volunteers. It is the reason we are so successful.

And we have something for everyone!

Some of the volunteer opportunities at Habitat for Humanity Sunshine Coast.

  1. Board of Directors
  2. Volunteer Recruitment Committee Volunteers
  3. Governance Review Volunteers
  4. Audit and Financial Review Volunteers
  5. Build Site Volunteers
  6. Recycling Volunteers
  7. ReStore Volunteers
  8. Gala and Golf Tournament Volunteers
  9. Family Selection and Family Mentorship Volunteers
  10. And so many more opportunities

For more information on how you can join Habitat for Humanity Sunshine Coast connect with us today.

Call: 604-885-6737
Email: executivedirector@habitatsc.ca

Volunteering at Habitat on the Sunshine Coast

We have so many ways for people, just like you, you get involved and connect with the wonderful work that we do. On the next page you'll find a list of opportunities and areas that may interest you. Below, please find a few of our stories related to volunteering. And for more volunteer stories, please visit our blog page (under media).

Our volunteers can be a fun bunch!  Check out the picture below of volunteers Ken Crozier, David Ible, and Bill Bryce stand in the new recycle container they built for the SCRD Landfill site.

Bill Humphries is having a ball.

Bill Humphries is having a ball. Oh, sure, there is that pesky pancreas cancer diagnosis of two years ago. “But I am the miracle guy. I am still here,” says the 71-year-old who seems to have the energy of someone half his age. So why is he having so much fun? He’s giving away his…

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Volunteering on the Coast

Hardly a week goes by when we are not supposed to be marking or observing or celebrating something. Most of us probably missed Talk Like Shakespeare Day on April 23, and you might not be particularly interested in Hairball Awareness Day on April 28. But there is one commemoration going on right now that you…

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